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    Clarion’s core mission is to solve problems. We run on big ideas. Without the people behind those ideas, we wouldn’t get very far.

    That’s why our top priority is to create a nurturing environment that values each team member. You can see it in the “intangibles,” the way we operate every day. Our open-door policy. Collaboration among consultants of all levels. The unofficial mentorships that spring up just by virtue of working side-by-side.

    You’ll also find it in our comprehensive professional development program:

    Orientation for New Hires
    Internally led, this one-week orientation guides you through what you need to know about the healthcare industry and Clarion’s approach. You’ll have the chance to tackle a case as part of a team, then enjoy a social outing with your new colleagues.

    Peer Advisor and Mentor Program
    As a new hire, you’ll be paired with a more seasoned staff member who will guide you through your first weeks and months at Clarion. Many peer advisor pairs form long-term bonds that contribute to their rapid professional growth at our firm. In the second year, the peer advisor transitions to a mentor, who will help you with professional development.

    People-centric Staffing
    At Clarion, we don’t simply tap the nearest team member for new cases. We take a thoughtful approach, considering your background, skills, areas of strength and areas for development, before we pair you with the two cases that make sense for you and for the firm.

    Semi-annual Performance Reviews
    Every six months, we’ll sit down with you to review your performance. We’ll tell you how your managers view your progress, where you shine and – because there’s always room for improvement – how we think you can grow further.

    Monday Morning Meetings
    At Clarion, every one of our team members has a voice. The full-firm meeting we hold every Monday offers you a regular opportunity to share it. Each meeting features an in-depth project update from team members – the perfect chance to sharpen your speaking skills in a friendly room. At one meeting a month our leadership team presents the state-of-the-business, so you’ll always have a sense of the big picture.

    Above all, we keep formality to a minimum. So you’ll always have an open forum for concerns, questions and the guidance you need to shape your career.

    What our people say

    "I really value the exposure I’ve gotten to seasoned industry veterans at Clarion. In my first year, I’ve learned about clinical development from a Biochemistry PhD and about commercialization of new drugs from the Managing Directors."

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