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  • Snapshot: The Life of a Consultant

    Our Consultant job description outlines what the job entails – on paper. To help bring it to life, Vineet, a MIT graduate with a PhD in Biology, gives us a glimpse of his typical day. Vineet joined Clarion as an Associate Consultant in 2009 and was promoted to Consultant in 2010.

    Rush Hour
    I try to get to work by 8 a.m. so that I have some time to settle in and begin a productive morning. I typically bike to work unless it’s raining or snowing. My workout and commute, combined – the ultimate in multitasking!

    A Good Start
    I check my email and spend some time searching for articles for the daily firm newsletter – a summary of the top health care headlines that are relevant to Clarion’s work. Today I found an article on innovations in diabetes management that I know my colleagues will find interesting.

    Then I plan out my day. Currently, I have two projects on my plate. One is a research project for a small pharma company in the cardiovascular area. I’m quite comfortable with this kind of work, given my academic background.

    The other is more of a process project for a large company. We’re working closely with the Medical Affairs team for an oncology drug to enhance cross functional communication and strategic planning. This is a new area for me, and I’m enjoying adapting my knowledge to fit this kind of business application.

    The research project needs my attention this morning. I finish analyzing one last phase III drug and create slides with my conclusions. I’ll send them to my team later today for input.

    Sharing Lessons Learned
    After lunch, I meet with my colleagues on the New Hire Training Team. We’re preparing for training week for the new class of hires that will be starting in a couple of months. We discuss responsibilities – I’m tasked with developing a case that will give new hires a sense of how a typical project is done. I’m looking forward to helping the newest hires make the transition from academia to the work environment.

    Client Check-in
    Almost 3 p.m. – time to dial into a conference call for my second project. This kind of work taps into my key strength: translating scientific information into practical applications for business.

    We walk our client, the medical director for an oncology drug, through the slides we sent him yesterday as we update him on issues raised by the leaders of various functional areas within medical affairs. It becomes clear that there is a strong need for a well defined plan for clinical development and a need to publish the data quickly.  My scientific background is quite valuable here, and my team relies on me to engage with the client on the finer details. He suggests that we meet in person to refine the clinical development and publication plans and to develop a communication strategy for chief commercial officer.

    A Productive Pause
    I head out to get a quick cup of coffee with a colleague. I like to have a short walk outdoors, so getting coffee is a good excuse to do so. It’s also a good way to connect with my colleague about one of our projects. Sometimes the best ideas come from these more casual conversations outside of the office.

    Back to Research
    My manager on the CV research project has reviewed the slides I sent him earlier and has some questions about the different mechanisms of action for the drugs I have researched. I explain why I think one category of drugs is likely to be more efficacious than the others and I make a backup slide explaining the science at a high level, in case the client has similar questions. I turn that around relatively quickly and send the deck off to the client.

    Wrapping up
    Before leaving, I need to work out travel logistics for our client meeting. I’ll need to catch a 6 a.m. flight out of Boston, but the good news is that I’ll be back home in time for the latest Clarion Social Committee event, this time a game night where we’ll bring in pizza and play games like Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit.

    It’s just after 6 p.m. and I’ve accomplished a lot today.  I clip on my lights, wheel my bike out of the building and pedal home for the evening.

    What our people say

    "I really value the exposure I’ve gotten to seasoned industry veterans at Clarion. In my first year, I’ve learned about clinical development from a Biochemistry PhD and about commercialization of new drugs from the Managing Directors."

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