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    You’ve been working as a consultant for a few years. And now you’re looking for a firm where you can build your career long-term.

    At Clarion, we believe in recognizing and cultivating the strengths of our team. When our work demands experienced insight, we typically tap our own talented individuals to rise to the challenge. But occasionally, we find just the right match in someone new to Clarion.

    If solving problems in the life sciences both keeps you up at night and gets you out of bed in the morning, you’re the kind of candidate who could catch our eye.

    What You’ll Do
    As a Consultant with proven expertise, you’ll work independently and with a team to help solve our clients’ greatest challenges. And you’ll demonstrate leadership both within and outside the firm, setting the tone for projects and interacting with clients.

    As you assume more responsibility, you’ll transition to a leadership role, guiding the direction of the team and shaping Clarion’s future. And as our firm grows, our challenging, collaborative environment will ensure that you, too, continue your growth as a professional.

    What You’ll Bring
    You have the unique ability to see through problems to the solutions beneath the surface. You’re a creative thinker who thrives in dynamic, unstructured environments. Yet you also apply disciplined analysis to translate facts into findings and draw insightful conclusions.

    You’ve demonstrated a knack for leadership, for encouraging collaboration and forging consensus among teams of smart people. And your strong presentation skills impress clients and colleagues alike.

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    What our people say

    "I really value the exposure I’ve gotten to seasoned industry veterans at Clarion. In my first year, I’ve learned about clinical development from a Biochemistry PhD and about commercialization of new drugs from the Managing Directors."

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