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    You’re a recent graduate. But at Clarion, you’ll learn to think like a senior executive – from day one.

    Working side-by-side with colleagues at all levels, you’ll sharpen your quantitative skills through immediate exposure to a range of business problems. You’ll become closely familiar with the particular challenges faced by the life sciences industry. And you’ll learn the foundation of consulting – to identify both the right questions and the best answers – hands on. Because the most effective way to learn is by doing.

    What You’ll Do
    As an Associate Consultant, you will make immediate contributions to our work in key areas.

    Research. Using primary and secondary sources, you’ll identify information critical to understanding our clients’ business problems. Whether the information relates to market trends, companies, competitors, or products, you’ll learn to differentiate between essential and extraneous – a skill that will serve you throughout your career.

    Analysis. You’ll dig into data, prioritizing key issues, generating hypotheses and testing your theories. You’ll bounce ideas around with your teammates. And you’ll keep going until you’re confident with your results.

    Communication. You’ll clearly and persuasively articulate those results, effectively using slides and verbal communication to present your key findings.

    Over time, you will develop your conceptual thinking, increasingly gaining independence and the ability to structure analyses and problem-solving approaches for larger pieces of work.

    What You’ll Bring
    You love nothing more than a seemingly impossible challenge – and the thrill of hunting for a solution. You’re resourceful, an inquisitive and creative thinker who works best in dynamic, unstructured environments. And you’re a great communicator, able to build trust among colleagues and clients.

    Experience working with data in Microsoft Excel and presenting information in Microsoft PowerPoint is considered essential to the role. A background in science or economics is beneficial, and passion is a must.

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    What our people say

    "I really value the exposure I’ve gotten to seasoned industry veterans at Clarion. In my first year, I’ve learned about clinical development from a Biochemistry PhD and about commercialization of new drugs from the Managing Directors."

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