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    Simple enough, right? So why do so many organizations struggle to achieve true insight into therapeutic markets, products and their customers? The kind of insight that underpins true innovation. The kind of innovation that exciting start-ups are built around. Today’s marketplace won’t tolerate solutions from the past – it will, however, embrace and reward novel ideas, products and solutions that cleverly address and balance the needs of all stakeholders across the healthcare system.

    Achieving this deep and meaningful insight is hard. It is also at the heart of Clarion’s contribution to your organization. It requires balancing opposites. Discipline and dreaming. Facts and imagination. Past and future. Science and economics. Ideals and practice. Clarion’s team of experienced biotech and pharmaceutical strategists pursues a disciplined, yet creative path to gaining the types of insights you, your team and your investors require.

    Clarion works extensively with early stage companies and new product teams in addressing the following types of questions:

    Clarion’s experienced team designs and executes custom assignments to help you and your team gain the insight required to support effective decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a product or technology. We design, conduct, integrate, and synthesize primary and secondary research to help provide a rigorous analytic view of markets and stakeholder dynamics to support managerial decision-making. Classic project types include:

    To learn more about our Market Insights and Opportunity Assessments, contact us.

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    Identifying Market Opportunities

    Clarion conducted a thorough Diabetes landscape assessment to identify and evaluate potential acquisition and partnership candidates for a client.

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