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    Organizational needs are dynamic, shifting as products advance through the pipeline toward commercial launch and as the value of traditional marketing approaches erodes due to restrictions imposed by the FDA, institutions, and payers.

    Clarion works with clients to determine how their organization should evolve, restructure, or grow—tailored to each client’s specific needs and aspirations:

    Development of novel commercial models — Working with a company’s leadership team and key stakeholders to creatively brainstorm and critically evaluate innovative approaches to commercializing new oncology products

    Commercial & organizational scale-up plan — Working with development-stage biotech companies seeking to commercialize their first product, to build organizational structures and processes designed to optimize not only the first launch but subsequent commercial endeavors

    Strategy and plan for entry into oncology — Working with companies with minimal or no oncology presence—but perhaps in an adjacent area—to develop, evaluate, and select strategies for entry into the oncology space


    Novel Commercial Model Development

    Clarion developed and facilitated a process of creative concept generation and testing, toward building an innovative model for commercializing the company’s first product.

    Commercial Model Case Study >>

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