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    Helping the science lead.  Early choices in technologies, assets and indications have never been more challenging.  Markets are blurred by new modalities that act broadly; competitors emerge from unforeseen directions; standards of care are rapidly overturned as new treatment paradigms achieve unprecedented efficacy (e.g. in melanoma).  Ultimately, the strength of the science and the data prevails.  But where do you start, how do you prioritize, and how do you assess risk in this rapidly shifting universe?

    Clarion works across your team—including Translational Medicine, Clinical Development and New Product Planning—to help identify and account for seismic shifts in your planning and prioritization.  Our work on early assets and technologies, includes:

    SPARC: Strategic Pathway Research in Cancer

    Clarion supported key research decisions, helping client prioritize cancer indications for a specific, early-stage product

    Case Study >>

    What our clients say

    "The output of the SPARC project was absolutely excellent – the most rigorous and insightful oncology indication prioritization analyses and recommendations I have seen in a decade in industry."

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