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    Innovation in oncology is widely dispersed, from the halls of academia to biotech start-ups to pharma’s drug discovery teams.

    To remain competitive,  individual companies must seek out acquisitions, partnerships and/or licensing opportunities to take advantage of innovation and capabilities outside of its walls.

    Clarion works as an integral member of client business development teams to support key BD decisions:

    Oncology BD strategy – Supporting the development of overarching business development strategies by defining and proposing specific BD efforts in oncology.  Collaborative and systematic work to identify and prioritize market segments—either indications or technologies/mechanisms—for BD activity

    In-licensing candidate screening and prioritization – Starting with broad sets of assets, conducting systematic analyses—and leveraging both internal and external expertise as needed—to prioritize leading candidates for further exploration

    Opportunity assessment for BD candidates – Conducting focused research and analysis on specific products or companies to support go/no-go decisions.  May include competitive assessments, TPP testing, revenue projections, and forecast modeling

    Broad Oncology BD Screen

    Clarion implemented a rigorous, systematic evaluation of ~1200 oncology assets to prioritize opportunities for further exploration

    BD Screen Case Study >>

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