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    In a marketplace changing so rapidly that historical indicators of success seem nearly irrelevant today, how can you guide and direct your teams’ strategies and investment plans toward the highest value investments for the future?

    Clarion’s success in positioning our clients for growth derives from our ability to ask the right questions and – based on the answers – identify and implement key levers for growth. Some of those critical strategic questions include:

    In order to address these challenging questions and convert the answers into action, we apply the following skills, experiences and approaches:

    An ability to accurately diagnose the situation: We help our clients go well beyond marketing, messaging and positioning strategies by generating insights into the practical factors that shape therapeutic choices, peripheral but always important logistical/operational issues, the underlying economics of the marketplace, as well as the influence of the broad set of key stakeholders;

    Generating ideas and testing solutions: We apply our proven problem-solving techniques to challenge ourselves and clients to think broadly and creatively, generating innovative solutions to challenges posed by the shifting marketplace. We facilitate problem-solving discussions, triage ideas and develop and pressure test solutions;

    Translating ideas into action: Working side-by-side with our clients we translate ideas into specific programs, design and pilot concepts, and evaluate and refine solutions.

    Examples of Innovative Growth Strategies

    We have helped numerous clients develop innovative growth strategies and approaches to market challenges:

    To learn more about how Clarion generates custom Growth Strategies, contact us.

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