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    We agree – the commercial model of the past is broken. The formula for successful product introduction has changed. Some predict the demise of the transitional pharmaceutical sales model and the field force.

    While we agree with the premises of the argument – we disagree with that conclusion. Clarion believes that it will be those organizations that can re-invent and re-define the role of the sales/support professional who will ultimately be the most successful in the future world.

    Will sales teams be as large? Certainly not.

    Will one model serve to support specialty and primary care medical practices? Definitely not.

    Will organizations that can apply a customized approach steeped in deep understanding of prescribers and local context, and supported by field efforts of a broader team of account managers, MSLs, quality managers and others win? We believe so.

    Figuring out the answers to these foundational questions is only one step in the process. Perhaps even more critical to achieving results is engaging, transforming, and motivating the current field organization in this process of improvement and re-definition. Clarion has a strong history of leading client organizations through this complex and sometimes painful process. Clarion’s seasoned practitioners, our established engagement model and our practical approach to working side-by-side with teams to fashion real solutions are all key to our success.

    We partner with clients from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotechs and CSOs to help reinvigorate, motivate and re-focus the field forces through five key steps:

    1. Generate active and broad engagement across field force and associated functions
    2. Develop methods that ensure involvement and support from first-line managers throughout the process
    3. Design new selling models to reflect local needs while aligning with national goals
    4. Build a foundation of rigorous data analysis and understanding to guide decision-making
    5. Demonstrate measurable results

    Our approach delivers tangible results by focusing each organization on what matters most to its success. Most often, our clients request our focused engagement in these key areas:

    To learn more about Clarion’s results-oriented approach to field force excellence, contact us.

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    Driving Field Effectiveness

    Clarion helps align sales organization to focus on highest-value priorities and meet product targets.

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