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    Boston, MA (April 2018)—The Board of Managers of Clarion Healthcare is pleased to announce the election of Dominick Mastropoalo to Member (Partner). Dominick joined the firm as a consultant in 2004 and has been instrumental in helping serve, grow, and expand the Clarion client base as well as build this leading life sciences consultancy.

    “We couldn’t be happier to have Dominick formally join our Senior Leadership Team as a Managing Member,” said Tom Murtagh, Clarion Founder and Managing Member. “Dominick has been absolutely essential in helping Clarion build its New Enterprise Commercialization practice over the years. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of clients, seamlessly developing and translating strategy into and through the client organization. His passion for helping clients create their growth platform is tangible; he has helped numerous firms successfully navigate this complex scale-up and transformation period. His deep content knowledge across marketing, access and all commercial dimensions enables Dominick to have a fully integrated view of the looming commercialization challenges.”

    “Beyond Dominick’s client contributions, he has led numerous internal efforts at Clarion in support of Clarion’s growth over the years. From recruiting to professional development there isn’t an aspect of the Clarion foundation that Dominick hasn’t helped build” commented Carol Kearney, Clarion Managing Member. “One of his most important contributions has been his impact on our unique Clarion culture” she added. “We look forward to many more years of Dominick’s passionate leadership.”

    Dominick received a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and graduated with honors from Villanova University.

    Errik Anderson, Co-founder of Compass Therapeutics, Speaks at Clarion

    Clarion Healthcare welcomed Errik Anderson, co-founder, President and CFO of Compass Therapeutics to participate in our internal Speaker Series.  Errik has co-founded and led numerous ventures, including Adimab, Arsanis, Alector, and Avitide.  Speaking candidly about the experience of germinating an idea and growing it into a full-fledged company, Errik highlighted some of the scientific, financial, strategic and organizational challenges he has faced, and the actions he took to overcome them.

    Errik’s current focus is on Compass Therapeutics, an antibody discovery and development company taking a novel approach to cancer immunotherapy.   In the rapidly evolving  and increasingly crowded  oncology space, Compass is charting its own course – going beyond the raft of PD1 / PDL-1 inhibitors on the market and in development — by comprehensively drugging the tumor immune synapse with human antibodies.  Summing up the bold mission and challenge he and his organization are tackling, Errik stated that “Compass manipulates the immune system to treat human disease.”


    Clarion’s Speaker Series program is part of Clarion’s broader Industry Leaders Development Program, specifically designed to serve the dual purpose of enriching our team’s consulting skill set while exposing firm members to the spectrum of industry roles and opportunities. This program is core to Clarion’s mission of supporting client innovation together with developing future industry leaders within our staff

    Dennis Chang Leads Seminar at MIT’s Koch Institute

    MIT Seminar 5-24-17

    Clarion Healthcare was recently invited by the MIT Biotechnology Group (MBG), a student organization with more than 2000 members, to give a seminar to the MIT and broader life-sciences community at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.  In his seminar titled “Navigating Uncharted Waters: Clinical Strategy Amid Rapid Innovation” Principal Dennis Chang, PhD, articulated the key challenges in clinical development for the biopharma industry in the context of unprecedented pace of innovation and described possible strategic approaches to tackle them.

    With more than 60 graduate students, post-docs, entrepreneurs and industry professionals participating, Dennis shared insights from two of Clarion’s noteworthy initiatives on the topic.  First, he presented examples from Clarion’s “Strategic Pathway Research in Cancer “(SPARC), a formal approach to anticipating future innovation and to pipeline prioritization.  Second, he shared the “Collaborative Novel-Novel Combination Therapies” (CoNNCT) approach to accelerating early testing of novel-novel combinations which was designed together with more than 40 industry and nonprofit leaders.

    Following the highly interactive seminar, Bobby Moy, a Principal at Clarion, led an invitation-only educational session on the essentials of conducting due diligence in the life sciences.   In addition to providing tips and techniques, Bobby offered feedback on MBG projects, supporting the group in building in-house expertise to provide technical and strategic analysis to VC’s and MIT angel investors.

    Dr. Amama Sadiq Promoted to New Role as Medical Director at Clarion Healthcare

    Amama photo v1April, 2017 – Clarion Healthcare is pleased to announce that Amama Sadiq, MD, MPH, has been promoted to the newly created role of Medical Director at Clarion Healthcare.  In this role, Dr. Sadiq will provide specific medical and clinical insights and guidance across Clarion projects as well as help the firm identify and respond to health industry evolutionary forces critical to our clients’ success.

    Before joining Clarion in 2014, Dr. Sadiq practiced Internal Medicine in London where she received subspecialty training in GI and hepatology and developed a lifelong passion to advance care and treatment of liver disorders including NAFLD and hepatitis.  Dr. Sadiq has also earned an MPH in Health Policy and Management from Harvard, which — combined with her International Health Care Systems experience — provides her with a uniquely multi-faceted knowledge base for Clarion’s global clients.

    “Amama’s knowledge, skills and experience converge in her role as Medical Director at Clarion, creating value along many dimensions for our clients and for Clarion,” said Tom Murtagh, Managing Director.  “Her years in the clinic treating patients, combined with her innovative research, public health expertise and clinical research experiences will offer insight into the priorities of many important stakeholders for biopharma companies.”

    “I’m thrilled with this new opportunity,” stated Dr. Sadiq.  “I derive tremendous satisfaction working with clients to help them bring novel therapies to patients, and serving as Clarion’s Medical Director allows me to apply more deeply the knowledge I gained from my many years of training and providing care as a physician, a researcher, and a public health professional.”

    Company and Product Valuation through the Lens of Life Science Investors

    Mauricio snipClarion’s six-part Financial Speaker Series continued with a program on life science investment and valuation presented by Clarion Manager and Tuck School of Business MBA Mauricio de la Garza.  This series — a unique element of Clarion’s continuing professional development — provides a range of perspectives on finance in the life sciences industry involving experts from venture capital, investment banking, start-ups and publically traded companies as well as internal experts to broaden and deepen the insights of the Clarion team.

    “Understanding the roles of investors in the broader biotech ecosystem helps Clarion consultants better develop solutions for companies at each stage of the funding journey,” said Mauricio.  “With this session we provided context and opportunity for discussion and learning about different types of funding, objectives of funders, and methods of valuation.”

    In addition to clarifying the roles and impact of different types of funders over time, the session also covered both industry financing trends and tools for valuation.  “Approaches to company and product valuation differ based on context” said Tom Murtagh, Clarion Managing Director.  ”By combining methodology training together with the real world perspectives offered by seasoned investors and VC’s we’re able to significantly expand the knowledge and expertise base of our Clarion Healthcare team.”

    These insights complement previous discussions about equity market analysis and set the stage for future presentations on specific company journeys and venture financing.

    Clarion’s Financial Speaker Series program is part of Clarion’s broader Industry Leaders Development Program, specifically designed to serve the dual purpose of enriching our team’s consulting skill set while exposing firm members to the spectrum of industry roles and opportunities. This program is core to Clarion’s mission of supporting client innovation together with developing future industry leaders within our staff.

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