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    The client, a large global pharmaceutical company, had recently optioned – and was considering acquiring – its first new biologic therapy, in the immunology space. Clarion was engaged to conduct a landscape study to provide the client with a broad understanding of the clinical and commercial opportunity, to map the stakeholder decision-making process and to help shape the product’s profile by defining requirements for success.

    Through comprehensive literature reviews, in-depth interviews with treating specialists and office staff, as well as on-line surveys of more than 10 percent of the relevant specialist population, Clarion developed a comprehensive, nuanced portrait of the relatively new and unknown disease area. Clarion’s research described the clinical aspects of the disease and the current treatment paradigm. The work highlighted specialists’ perspectives on current and future therapies, existing unmet needs, and product use in the future treatment landscape. These findings were applied to help evolve the target product profile, establish the pre-launch strategies and support a more detailed financial evaluation of the opportunity.

    Working closely with the VP for Immunology, Clarion synthesized these findings and helped bring together leaders from across the organization to make decisions and to guide the next steps in product development based on this intelligence.

    Clarion’s work comprised one of the most comprehensive research studies of this disease area to date, significantly altering the client’s view of disease severity and treatment options; the work also led to subsequent decisions about where to focus development efforts. After the completion of this initial project, Clarion was re-engaged to develop an early launch and commercialization strategy and to conduct additional research to support clinical trial design and prioritization of future indications.

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