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  • SPARC (Strategic Pathway Research in Cancer)


    A major pharmaceutical company had an early-stage asset that targeted a specific molecular pathway and had the potential to address a wide variety of cancer types. The client engaged Clarion to evaluate and prioritize the potential opportunities, to better inform and refine their clinical development strategy and to optimize the product’s commercial value and competitive differentiation.

    The project cast a wide net, evaluating the scientific rationale for targeting the pathway of interest across a broad range of cancers. Clarion:

    • Systematically assessed the published scientific literature, congress publications, and clinical trial databases for over 30 cancer types, thus creating a robust fact base of the state of the science
    • Engaged oncology experts to acquire relevant scientific and clinical perspectives for each tumor type
    • Layered in commercial considerations such as the market size (addressable patient population), evolving standards of care, and future competition for each tumor opportunity
    • Developed a cross-functional action plan for medical clinical development and translational medicine groups, guiding the sequence and investment levels in further indications and funding levels for external investigator programs.

    The client expanded their clinical trial program significantly — both internally and externally — to fully explore the asset’s potential, and adopted the SPARC approach as a best practice.  Clarion has subsequently applied this approach across the oncology portfolio.

    What our clients say

    "The output of the SPARC project was absolutely excellent – the most rigorous and insightful oncology indication prioritization analyses and recommendations I have seen in a decade in industry."

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