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    The client, a development-stage biopharmaceutical oncology company founded on an innovative approach to R&D, expected to launch its first product in the US market in 18 months. Given the increasing constraints on traditional commercial tactics, the company hoped to translate their unique approach to R&D into the commercial realm and develop a novel commercialization model.

    Clarion implemented a systematic process for collaboratively generating and evaluating potential commercial models. The process involved three main phases:

    1. Profile existing commercialization landscape in oncology: Provided high-level characterization of the commercial and regulatory environment and market pressures on oncology practices
    2. Idea generation and concept development: Facilitated a synectic idea generation process with client leadership, refined ideas into working concepts, and defined commercialization principles
    3. Concept testing and fit with overall plan: Conducted interviews with members of the oncology community to inform the evaluation and prioritization of the concepts within the context of an overall commercialization plan

    The exercise provided a framework for early decisions—including resource allocation, hiring, and additional research investments—and set the company on the path of developing a truly innovative model for commercializing their first product.

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