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    The client, a large, global pharmaceutical company, sought to improve operational efficiency and excellence in its medical affairs division, refocusing its teams on innovation and customer impact. Clarion was engaged to help the organization improve processes and enhance cross-functional collaboration and strategic planning.

    Working closely with a team of key stakeholders – including Medical Directors and Senior Leadership – from four brands at various stages of their product lifecycles, Clarion facilitated a process of discovery and change management.

    Early on, the team identified a number of endemic inefficiencies and barriers to innovation: a lack of transparency, poor cross-functional communication and a siloed, execution-oriented approach. As a first step, the team developed a dashboard and implementation process that allowed each medical affairs function (i.e. CME, Health Outcomes, Field Medical, etc) to catalogue their planned tactics as well as insights garnered through the execution of these tactics. Within this tool, metrics were identified to measure the impact of individual tactics as well as the overall impact on an aggregate group of physicians. The Medical Science Liaison, the chief point of contact with physicians, used these metrics to gauge the evolution of physicians thinking and to quantify the success and continued relevance of their strategies and combined efforts. This tool and approach helped ensure cross-functional transparency and supported a structured approach to innovation and strategic planning.

    Using this information, Clarion then collaborated with the same team of key stakeholders to affect a broad-based change in the mindset and behavior of the organizations at large.

    Together, the team developed and presented across the four brands a series of training sessions and group workshops to discuss, evolve and pilot the recommended processes and practices. In addition, Clarion provided coaching at the individual and functional level on the process of facilitating cross-functional innovation, sharing best practices and proactively addressing challenges in order to maintain the momentum and focus of the effort going forward.

    Over the course of the implementation process, the medical affairs teams began doing business in a new way. The level and focus of discussion at core team meetings had become strategic and customer centric, insights were captured and shared across functions and the practice of articulating and measuring tactics’ impact had taken form and priority.

    As a result of the new processes envisioned by the team, facilitated by Clarion, aided by the dashboard and implemented with broad-based support and buy-in, the medical affairs teams had begun the process of reinventing their role as a catalyst for innovation and strategic thought.

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