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    A global biopharmaceutical company was preparing to launch an exciting new product targeting a niche cancer market with substantial unmet need. The company requested that Clarion manage the launch process and provide project management support to align the company’s launch strategy, planning, and execution, and position the company for a powerful and successful launch.


    Clarion worked with and across all levels and functions within the organization to ensure launch readiness through three major phases:

    1. Governance: Clarion drove the development of a governance model to ensure both cross-functional participation and clear, executive leadership throughout the planning process.
    2. Strategy: Clarion worked with key team members to develop and refine specific strategic imperatives aligned to the product vision.
    3. Tactics: Clarion ensured the development of an integrated, cross-functional launch roadmap, in which all the tactics were aligned to the overall strategy and individual responsibilities assigned. This living document provided transparency around how the teams and functions were interrelated and enabled rigorous tracking of activities over time.


    Clarion’s support  ensured a collaborative, efficient, and adaptable process, resulting in the timely development of a robust strategy and tactical roadmap that would serve as a valuable tool for launch preparations.  Additionally, Clarion helped the team identify critical gaps, causing the client to redirect several key efforts.  For example, our work led the client to increase the focus on institutions.  Clarion continued to work with the client to refine this focus, further identifying the target audience and crafting the approach for the institutional market.

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