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    A leading global developer of oncology therapeutics with several major products facing patent expiry in the next few years sought to mitigate the impact through BD transactions. Clarion was engaged to identify the top external opportunities in oncology for potential in-licensing / co-marketing, within the appropriate time frame.

    Clarion implemented a systematic process for evaluating and collaboratively assessing external oncology assets for BD candidates. The process involved three main phases:

    1. Assemble comprehensive database of oncology pharmaceuticals. The database included ~1,200 products, compiled from a pipeline database and market data
    2. Prioritize candidates by applying a series of relevant criteria, which included development status, company status, potential synergy or conflict with client portfolio, and expected launch timing
    3. Profile key opportunities in greater depth. For 17 potential opportunities identified in the screen, Clarion conducted supplemental research on each product and provided a recommendation based on the available data, ongoing development program, market context, and company considerations

    Based on Clarion’s evaluation, the client prioritized three opportunities and initiated discussions regarding potential partnership/licensing agreements.

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