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    A global biopharmaceutical company was developing a targeted therapy for a rare subtype of cancer, and had just obtained positive pivotal data. The company was new to this tumor area and sought deeper understanding of the patient flow and market dynamics. Their product would be contending with a previously launched competitor, and thus the company also sought insights for differentiation and drivers of success.


    Clarion performed rigorous market research across two phases. Clarion first performed secondary research and qualitative interviews to lay the foundational understanding of the tumor market, obtain key stakeholders’ perspectives, and generate preliminary hypotheses to inform further analysis. Clarion then tested the preliminary hypotheses through rigorous analysis of traditional Rx as well as prescriber-level data, supplemented by quantitative surveys with >100 key stakeholders.

    At each step along the patient flow, Clarion identified key stakeholder interactions, decision drivers, challenges within the current market, expectations for market evolution, opportunities to address the needs of the patients and key stakeholders, and opportunities to address issues within the marketplace.  The various opportunities were prioritized to develop strategic recommendations.


    Clarion’s insights fed directly into the development of the commercialization strategy for the product and paved the way for a successful launch, and included:

    • Improved quantification of the market opportunity, leading to revision of the product forecast
    • An initial high-level segmentation of prescribers that revealed the exceptional importance of non-oncologist physicians
    • Prioritization of leakage points within the patient flow—where patients were “lost” to diagnosis or treatment—and identification of opportunities to mitigate these losses; this was particularly critical given the rareness of the target subpopulation
    • Prioritization of opportunities to differentiate the client’s product versus the main competitor

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